Southern CT State University welcomes the Class of 2018

SCSU Class of 2018

SCSU Class of 2018

SCSU Fall 2014 Move-in Day

We take this education thing seriously at SCSU 🙂

The Fall semester at Southern CT State University (SCSU) is about to begin with thousands of returning students and a bumper crop of new bright eyed eager students otherwise known as the Class of 2018 .

Classes start tomorrow, traffic will get crazy for awhile, there will be great confusion all over campus as our new arrivals try to find  their way to classrooms, the bookstore, the library, the computer labs and the all important student center.

SCSU School of Business

SCSU School of Business

I have been elected to the Chair Position of the Management / MIS Department in the School of Business at SCSU and look forward to working with the many faculty, students and yes even administrators in this new role. My new role will having me teaching  several classes each year while coordinating the activities of the largest academic department in the School of Business. It is especially nice to be working in a modern state-of-the art sustainable building which our School of Business is housed in.


4 thoughts on “Southern CT State University welcomes the Class of 2018

  1. Rick, I wish you all the b est to you this year!  g

      Gerri Lewis, President Estuary Board of Directors Cell:  860-304-2947 Home: 860-388-9944


  2. Congratulations Dr, Rick!!!!! So you take a year off to be DG and they promote you good gig. I am sure it is well deserved.

  3. Congratulations and good luck in your new position. It will be like a vacation after your whirlwind (and outstanding) year as Rotary District Governor

    Bill O’Brien

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