Time to Ring the Bell – Thanks for a great year!!

Rick ringing the bellAt the stroke of midnight tonight the Rotary District and Club leadership all over the world change over. It’s out with the old and in with the new in grand style. Approximately 534 Rotary Districts will get new District Governors and 34,000+ Rotary Clubs will get new Presidents. We have the ultimate in term limits; 1 year and done.

One year may not seem like a great deal of time but with the several years of training leading up to the actual job and the intensive 1 year at the helm,  it is actually a pretty long haul.

We accomplished a considerable amount during this 2013-14 Rotary Year and I want to offer a big THANK YOU to the scores of people that worked so hard to help make it a tremendous success. I’m especially thankful to my wife, Jennifer Bassett, for being such a dedicated partner and good sport throughout this journey.

I was briefly temped to chronicle the long list of accomplishments for the past year but then thought that it might be easier (on you and me) to simply say that we left the district better than we found it.

As the year wraps up there is just 1 last thing to do……Ring that Bell!!

The best of luck to our incoming and future district leaders Mukund Nori (DG 2014-15), Gerry Tom (DG 2015-16) and Chris Johnson (2016-17) as well as all of the incoming Club Presidents.

Rick Bassett

DG 2013-14

3 thoughts on “Time to Ring the Bell – Thanks for a great year!!

  1. Thank you for being so embracing and accepting every Rotarian in a positive way. May you enjoy your family and job and real life again. You did make a difference, Thank you again.

    Ann M. Brignola


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  2. Rick:

    On this, your last day as District Governbor, I welcome you to the world of PDG. This gives you the license to start every conversation with “When I was DG I . . .”

    Starting tomorrow your phone will ring less, your ,mail will slow down and you will be able to not worry about where you have to be. This is good.

    Enjoy being a Rotary Elder Statesman. Enjoy your new position as Department Chair at Southern Connecticut. Enjoy your family, most of all.

    Abe Gordon

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