The Rotary Leadership Wheel keeps on Turning

Rotary WheelRotary International is the ultimate example of how tight term limits can and do work. The vast majority of Rotary leaders, which are unpaid volunteers from all over the world, serve just 1 year at the helm and then hand over the leadership reigns  to their successor.

Every July 1st all of the top leadership at all significant levels (Clubs, Districts and International) changes over; everyone of the 34,000 Rotary Clubs gets a new President, everyone of the 535 +/- Districts gets a new District Governor and Rotary International gets a New President.

This 1-and-done approach keeps our organization fresh with new ideas, new focus and new energy while preventing anything that resembles the entrenched interests that career politicians often bring to the table in most political systems. Future leaders are nominated by their peers. There are no elections, no campaigning, no fundraising of donors, no quid pro quo just good Rotarians trying to make their communities and the world a better place for everyone.

Behind this great leadership shift each year are well orchestrated training and development efforts designed to prepare incoming leaders for their 1 year leadership role.

Incoming District Governors begin their training journey several years prior to taking office. Their training journey has them attending Zone Institute twice; once while they are a District Governor Nominee (2 years out) and a District Governor Elect (1 year out) and then attending the International Assembly as well as the International Convention.

The Governor Elect Training Seminar (GETS) is being held in Toronto this week where District Governor Elect (DGE) Geraldine “Gerry” Tom is attending GETS training and District Governor Nominee (DGN) Christopher “Chris” Johnson is attending Nominee training.

DGE Gerry Tom

DGN Chris Johnson

DGN Chris Johnson










DG Training Progression

Incoming Presidents (Presidents-Elect) typically start their formal training in January by attending various leadership events, followed by PETS, District Assembly, District Conference and then their Installation/Induction.

The Path to Presidency

This year our district has funded 4 Rotarians from our district to attend The Future District Leaders seminar in Toronto.

Best of luck to all of the Future Leaders attending training at Zone Institute this week in Toronto.



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