Chris Johnson to become District Governor 2016-17

DGND Chris Johnson

DGND Chris Johnson

I am happy to report that the District 7980 Nominating Committee has nominated Christopher “Chris” Johnson of the Fairfield Rotary Club to be District Governor in 2016-17.

The nomination challenge period expired at 11:59pm on 3-2-2014 and not a single objection was made; thus confirming this nomination.

DG PinChristopher “Chris” Johnson joined the LoDo Club in Denver, Colorado in 2003, and has been a member of the Fairfield Club since 2007 where he served as (2010-2011) President.  He has been Assistant Governor, Area 4 for District 7980 (2011-2014) where he also serves as World Peace Scholars chair.  Working together with Fairfield Rotary and Stonetown Zanzibar clubs, he oversaw a water project in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and has been involved with VTT and Global Grant projects in South Africa and India.  As the child of a Foreign Service officer and having lived in 5 countries before graduating high school, Johnson began working in field of International Education 1990, and has worked in study abroad, international student services and international admissions.  He has been a member of the NAFSA: Association of International Educators Trainer Corps and held regional leadership roles within the organization.  He has held leadership positions in the field of International Education at private, regional and urban public institutions and currently serves as the Chief International Officer for Fairfield University where he oversees a team that sends more than 600 students abroad to 30 countries and recruits nearly 200 international students from 45 countries to study at Fairfield.

DG Training ProgressionChris will join the Governor Track Team immediately with the title of District Governor Nominee Designee (DGND) as he begins his DG training. The Governor Track Team consists of Mukund Nori (DGE), Gerry Tom (DGN) and now Chris Johnson (DGND).

Feel free to congratulate Chris by sending him a message via email

DGE Mukund Nori heads to the International Assembly

DGE Mukund Nori

DGE Mukund Nori – preparing for July 1st

Did you know that the International Assembly is the one premier Rotary training event where all of the 534 District Governors-elect (those who will be District Governor on July 1st)  from all over the world come together to be trained by some of the best resources that Rotary International has to offer? Did you also know that this is the event where the Rotary International President Elect (RIPE), interesting acronym, will release the new RI theme for 2014-15?

Of course you knew that, it was part of my talk during the Official Governor Visits.

The International Assembly is the last stop on the multi-year training journey that incoming District Governors (DGE’s) make. They have spent the past several years attending dozens of PETS planning meetings, countless district meetings and zone meetings all in preparation for their year as District Governor.

It’s a full out sprint to July 1st for DGE Mukund after he returns from the International Assembly as from there he is responsible for running a District Leadership meeting, conducting (2) Pre-PETS meetings, having an integral leadership role in running NE PETS, running the District Assembly and then running his Installation event in late June. Sprinkled in between all of this are about 2-3 dozen somewhat related planning meetings that Mukund needs to be part of.

Mukund and Laima Nori

Mukund and Laima Nori

Rotary also recognizes that involving Spouses and Partners is critical to the success of a District Governor and as such they are also invited to Zone and International Assembly. So Mukund and Laima Nori, one of our favorite couples from the North Branford Rotary Club, are proudly representing D7980 in grand style this week in San Diego. Laima will attend training designed specifically for the DGE spouses.

Still with all of this preparation and work the job of District Governor is personally rewarding and I encourage others to walk down this path as well. Remember we are still accepting nominations for the 2016-17 District Governor position. <click here for more info>

More to come from the International Assembly: We will put up a blog post in a few days after the RIPE releases the new 2014-15 theme.

Below is a video of what typically happens at the International Assembly:

NE PETS 2014 Registration is now Open

A team of 60+ facilitators and district leaders from the 8 districts (7780, 7850, 7870, 7890, 7910, 7930, 7950 and 7980) that make up North East PETS braved the subzero temperatures to come together today in Framingham MA to prepare for NE PETS 2014.

With just about 60 days before NE PETS kicks off (March 6 – 8, 2014) final preparations are underway as the leadership team gets the facilitators ready to train the incoming Rotary Club Presidents (Presidents-elect) and Assistant Governors.

Northeast PETS (NE PETS)  is taking place March 6-8th this year with optional working sessions being held on Thursday afternoon (3/6), followed by a gala dinner highlighted by Anne L. Matthews (Rotary’s first female Vice President).  The plenaries and breakouts start first thing on Friday morning, and the program wraps up Saturday just after lunch.

NE PETS will draw just about 600 Rotarians including ; 440 Presidents-Elect, 80 Assistant Governors plus numerous Program Facilitators, Volunteers and Speakers from the eight Rotary International Districts from New England and southern Quebec.

The goal of NE PETS is to train incoming  Club Presidents (Presidents-elect) and New Assistant Governors for their new leadership positions in the upcoming Rotary year.

NE PETS will be held at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center, in Framingham, MA

Registrar Valerie Perry sent out registration invitations to attendees this afternoon – the direct registration link is:

Read Ealier Story:

Credit: Photo of Alan Hurst contributed by Laima Nori

Rotary Zone Institue in Cherry Hill New Jersey 09-18-2013

Another fun filled day of Rotary knowledge in Cherry Hill NJ. The DGN’s (Gerry Tom and her classmates completed their training today), The DGE’s (Mukund Nori and his classmates wrap up tomorrow) and then the Zone Institute begins and runs through Sunday.

Some photos from today…

Rotary Zone Institue in Cherry Hill New Jersey 09-17-2013

Today was a travel day for most DG’s, DGN’s and Trainers but the DGE’s were already hard at work. We all start early in the morning.

Below is a group of photos from the Rotary Zone Institue in Cherry Hill New Jersey on Sept 17, 2013.