The West Haven Rotary Amigos receive DG Pardon

The Three Amigos are a group of West Haven Rotarians (Rick, Roger and Gary) that have over 120 years of service combined in the club. They are known for being fun loving and big time practical jokers. After being absent for several meetings in a row President Jason Crockett created this video to give it back to them a bit.

After receiving some rather hefty fines during Happy/Sad bucks this past week the 3 Amigos provided a ‘Peace Offering’ to President Jason Crockett in the form of the missing Club Bell.

The 3 Amigos have been searching for the Bell since the Official DG Visit to their Club back in October when the clandestine operation “Find Baby Jesus” was launched. The secret operation had the Amigos using unconventional search techniques to find the missing Club Bell. The operation was code named to parallel  related pranks that occur during the holidays each year when hundreds of ‘Baby Jesus’ figurines go missing from nativity scenes. President Jason was initially reluctant to wave the fines until it was pointed out that he missed the 1 hour session at NE PETS last year entitled ‘Defending Your Club Bell’.

DG Pardons were granted to the 3 Amigos and President Jason who all agreed to play nice for the next week or so until the next bid practical joke is conceived.

The Club Bell is now back safe and sound under the care and custody of President Jason, President Jason is now being considered for membership in the Amigos group,  a single meeting record of over $400 in happy/sad fines was collected and over $500 was pledged to the Rotary Foundation by the Amigos and other club members.

Non-stop laughing at this meeting, you never know what will happen during a West Haven Rotary meeting.