Rotary fun(draisers) this weekend in our great little State….

We have many fantastic Rotary Club Fun(raisers) coming up in our great little State of Connecticut this weekend. Indoors or outdoors; whatever your pleasure there is something for everyone.

You can start the weekend with BBQ and Cigars, enjoy plenty of great Beer and Food at a pair of Ocktoberfests and conclude with fabulous homemade wine, international cuisine and flowers. No reason to cook this weekend!!!!

The Fall is a perfect time to enjoy all of the special events that many of our clubs are putting on this weekend.  Jennifer and/or I will do our best to make most of these events this weekend and we encourage all District 7980 Rotarians to come out to support these clubs and have a little fun along the way.

If I missed a club event then send it on over and I will update this post.

North Haven Rotary Inducts Ian Brooks this morning

The North Haven Rotary Club has inducted Ian Brooks as their newest member in front of a near sell-out crowd at the breakfast meeting this morning that included his wife Beth. Beth was surprised to learn that she and Ian will be hosting a welcome fellowship at their home soon. Upon sensing a runaway alcohol bill;  Ian quickly replied that they live in a Dry State.

Ian was sponsored by President-elect Nick D’Ambrosia who had the honor of ‘pinning’ Ian. Ian was beginning to wonder if the Club was ever going to let him in as he has been attending regularly for the past three months. We told him that three months was a drop in the bucket compared to us spending every Tuesday morning in perpetuity together…’s important to keep things in perspective.

Congratulations to Ian Brooks on becoming a Rotarian and welcome to Beth Brooks as a member of our Rotary family. We are honored to have both of you.

Photos by:  David P. Marchesseault

8 Rotary Clubs come out to support Newtown Connecticut in the Labor Day Parade

iPDG Brian put up the ‘Wheel Signal’ about a month ago for area Rotary Clubs to participate in Newtown’s Labor Day Parade and he received marching support from eight Rotary clubs including; Newtown Rotary Monroe Rotary, Danbury Rotary, Ridgefield Rotary, Ridgefield Sunrise Rotary, Trumbull Rotary, East Hampton Rotary and North Haven Rotary (hopefully I didn’t miss any).

Over 100 community groups marched in the parade (or rode in a cool yellow car) today through on and off rain and the occasional threat of a thunder boomer. The weather didn’t seem to thin the crowds a bit as parade viewers were out in big numbers in full support of Newtown Connecticut.

The Newtown Rotary Club was kind enough to select yellow as the color for their 75th Anniversary shirts as they know what this DG knows; Yellow is the Happiest Color!!! It even helped to offset the fact that we were marching behind the Lions, perhaps we will be in front of them next year. Our own iPDG Brian Amey, Newtown Rotary Club, was one of the key committee organizers of the Newtown Labor Day Parade today. Brian was keeping duty at the end of the parade and wasn’t fortunate enough to get one the yellow shirts. For some reason he was wearing a lime color shirt.

From the community outpouring today it is clear that Newtown is a town on the mend. Jennifer and I were happy and honored to be part of this event today.

Official Visit #7 – North Haven Rotary

Full Disclosure: The North Haven Rotary club is my home club, which means that I couldn’t go with a stock speech at my own club as the members have heard it all before.

Instead the talk was highly customized with my institutional knowledge of the club and focused on the many accomplishments of the club including them having a clear leadership succession plan as well as recognizing the many Rotarians that are involved with Vocation, Community, International, Youth Service at the club level, the district level and the RI level.

The North Haven Rotary club has several major fundraisers each year the largest are; Wine & Roses and The Pancake Breakfast in additional to running food booths at the concerts on the green and other various events.   The club generously supports and contributes to many non-profits each year.

The North Haven Rotary club has grown it’s membership from about 20 in the late 1990’s to 46 members today through a deliberate and consistent multi-pronged retention and recruiting effort which involves fellowship, working at events, public relations, family with wine being the glue that holds it all together.  While Past President Ralph Cook has been an excellent Membership Chair over the past 5+ years in bringing quality members in the front door, the rest of the club has cemented the deal by ensuring that they stay.

President Debbie Volain is off to a great start and has a well defined roadmap of where the club will be going this year. She’s already proven that she can roll with the punches by having an unexpected Inbound Youth Exchange student dropped in her lap without notice and handling it like a true professional. Debbie is working closely with President-elect Nick D’Ambrosia as they plan for the Wine & Roses event on Sept 29th.

Visit the North Haven Rotary club on Tuesday mornings at the Breakfast Nook in North Haven and be sure to bring your happy bucks with a good story.

North Haven Rotary earmarks $2,000 for Oklahoma Relief efforts

Mike Hallahan - Immediate Past President, North Haven Rotary Club

A banner year for Mike Hallahan – Immediate Past President

Immediate Past President Michael Hallahan from the North Haven Rotary Club gave a financial recap this morning of the 2012-13 year which included a list of all of the charities and projects that the club was able to provide support for during his year as president.

Under Mike’s leadership the club and their community partners were able to support dozens of local and international causes to the tune of just over $39,000, including $2,000 to the D7980 Oklahoma Relief  effort.

Additionally the club awarded (11) $1,000 scholarships from the club foundation and North Haven Rotary Club members contributed over $5,000 to The Rotary Foundation.

Congratulations on a great year Mike!!