8 Rotary Clubs come out to support Newtown Connecticut in the Labor Day Parade

iPDG Brian put up the ‘Wheel Signal’ about a month ago for area Rotary Clubs to participate in Newtown’s Labor Day Parade and he received marching support from eight Rotary clubs including; Newtown Rotary Monroe Rotary, Danbury Rotary, Ridgefield Rotary, Ridgefield Sunrise Rotary, Trumbull Rotary, East Hampton Rotary and North Haven Rotary (hopefully I didn’t miss any).

Over 100 community groups marched in the parade (or rode in a cool yellow car) today through on and off rain and the occasional threat of a thunder boomer. The weather didn’t seem to thin the crowds a bit as parade viewers were out in big numbers in full support of Newtown Connecticut.

The Newtown Rotary Club was kind enough to select yellow as the color for their 75th Anniversary shirts as they know what this DG knows; Yellow is the Happiest Color!!! It even helped to offset the fact that we were marching behind the Lions, perhaps we will be in front of them next year. Our own iPDG Brian Amey, Newtown Rotary Club, was one of the key committee organizers of the Newtown Labor Day Parade today. Brian was keeping duty at the end of the parade and wasn’t fortunate enough to get one the yellow shirts. For some reason he was wearing a lime color shirt.

From the community outpouring today it is clear that Newtown is a town on the mend. Jennifer and I were happy and honored to be part of this event today.

3 thoughts on “8 Rotary Clubs come out to support Newtown Connecticut in the Labor Day Parade

  1. Rick Thanks for your support today. I heard from Abe tonight, he has a touch of Flu but hope the Parade went well. From an organizers point of view it went well, from a Newtown Club’s point of view We were very grateful for the support of our Area colleagues. I have not heard how the Food tent did but overall the club made its mark again on our wonderful town. By the way the shirt was a Parade Staff shirt I was hoping someone would deliver a 75th shirt to me but will have to wait for mine!!  Regards

    Brian Amey i PDG – Rotary District 7980 Rotary Club of Newtown, CT: Past President. Membership Chair. 203 364 2906 (W) 203 881 8186 (H)  


  2. Never mind I was able to pull it off your email.


    From: Bill Wyman [mailto:wgwyman@gmail.com] Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2013 8:54 AM To: ‘Rick Bassett’ Subject: RE: [New post] 8 Rotary Clubs come out to support Newtown Connecticut in the Labor Day Parade

    Rick, would you please send me the Ridgefield Rotary picture that you used.


    Bill Wyman

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