Rotary President Elect Ron Burton is speaking at NE PETS

RI President Elect Ron BurtonIncoming Rotary International President Ron Burton will be the keynote speaker at NE PETS for the Thursday dinner March 7th in Framingham, MA.

This one-in-a-lifetime dinner event is open to the attendees of NE PETS and area Rotarians with advance reservations. The ticket cost is $40 per person which includes the always popular Rotary Chicken dinner.

If you are interested in attending please click here for the order form – Reservation Deadline is Wednesday 2/27.

Chugging along as NE PETS Registrar

The NE PETS Registrar grinding away at the data.

The NE PETS Registrar grinding away at the data.

After a fun filled week of Rotary I sat down around 6pm to clean up the email addresses and data for the 8 districts (7780, 7850, 7870, 7890, 7910, 7930, 7950 and 7980) for our multi-district PETS. It is now about 5.5 hours later and I just sent out the 3rd round of reminder notices to all of the unregistered PE’s, AG’s, Facilitators and Committee members. Unfortunately this round of invitations received twice as many email ‘bounces’ than the previous 2 rounds did, which is not a good sign.

NE PETS is designed to train incoming Presidents and Assistant Governors, which number just over 500 in all, for the leadership positions that they will assume on July 1st.

We have just over 50% of the expected attendees registered with the event coming up in just about 6 weeks. It would be great (and extremely considerate) if the fence sitters would jump on in and just complete their registration now so that we can spend our time planning the event rather than chasing attendees.