Official Visit #30.5 Woodbridge Rotary Club

The Woodbridge Rotary Club of Connecticut is the only club in our district with 2 Presidents (Carol Yingling and Buddy DeGennaro); actually co-presidents. To quote Carol: “Carol does the bossy parts and Buddy does the nice parts”. The co-presidency seems to be a perfect working arrangement for this club at this juncture as Carol and Buddy, who are the nicest people anyone would every want to meet, complement each other’s strengths perfectly.

Since the club has 2 Presidents they will require 2 Official Visits; hence 1/2 for this visit and a 1/2 for another day. Our district has 61 clubs and it was fortuitous that this 30.5th visit put Woodbridge directly in the center of all of the Official DG Visits. (Of course they are good sports with this fuzzy math).

The Club has been in the process of rebuilding over the past several years and got a tremendous boost last year by the boundless energy of Immediate Past President Anna Dickerson. Anna was able to add 6 new quality members to the club’s roster under her tenure which has totally changed the dynamics of the club.

The Woodbridge Rotary Club just launched their Facebook page and would really appreciate it if people would please visit it and LIKE IT to help get it off the ground. (Say hi while you are there).

The club is made up of friendly energetic Rotarians that truly like each other. They recently held a picnic fellowship which was a blast and they are still talking about it.

Their Assistant Governor is everyone’s favorite AG in Area 7; Ron Osach. Ron is gelling with this club, and all of his clubs, it is easy to see and feel the bond of friendship that he has with the club when he walks in.

Woodbridge Rotary meets on Fridays with a hybrid schedule that has them meeting for breakfast twice a month (1st & 3rd Friday – Country Corner Diner 756 Amity Road, Bethany) and for lunch twice a month (2nd & 4th Friday at Carmine’s Tuscan Grille 1500 Whalley Avenue, New Haven).

To recap: Woodbridge enjoys the power of 2;

  • 2 Presidents
  • 2 Meeting locations
  • 2 District Governor Visits

Perhaps 2 yellow ducks as well?

Two Rubber Ducks

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