North Haven Rotary Club hosts 12th Annual Wine and Roses event

The North Haven Rotary Club successfully ran their 12th Annual Wine & Roses event at the Forget Me Not Florist Shop in North Haven today. The event, one of two major fundraisers, drew about 400 attendees who judged and enjoyed the homemade wines, the international cuisine, the music and the fabulous fellowship. This year the event was run by President-elect Nick D’Ambrosia. Nick has done a great job in raising the bar for this event by expanding the diversity of food, by introducing sponsors into the mix and by expanding the geography.

This event is unique in that it is really a wine competition (that is who makes the best wine(s), not who can drink the most). Dozens of Winemakers compete for significant trophies and bragging rights in numerous categories. The wines are judged by some professional judges and all of the willing attendees. All attendees receive a Rose as a gift for attending (Wine & Roses).

The North Haven Rotary Club has 46 very active members and this event is pretty much ‘an all hands on deck’ for members and friends. Rotarians and volunteers sell tickets, round up (and make) silent auction items,  arrange for winemakers, setup tables, chairs & tents, coordinate food, pour wine and generally have a pretty great time doing so.

Many more photos are available on Facebook by click here

A special thank you to the Rotarians that came from the Orange, Woodbridge & New Haven Rotary Clubs.

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