Desiree Bassett to visit Niantic Rotary Club this Wednesday

Desiree Bassett

Desiree Bassett

Desiree Bassett, 21,  will be the program at the Niantic Rotary Club on Wednesday 11/27 at Flander’s Fish Market & Restaurant in East Lyme CT.

Desiree Bassett has been traveling around the world for the past 2 years as the lead guitarist in the Cirque Du Soleil  Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour.

Desiree has performed with Sammy Hagar, Slash, The Marshall Tucker Band, with members of the Allman Brothers Band, Ted Nugent and more.

Search in Youtube for Desiree Bassett to view dozens of her performances.

Due to space restrictions this program is only open to members and guests of the Niantic Rotary Club and visiting Rotarians. Please email Niantic Rotary President Dan Cunningham if you are planning on attending.

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