District 7980 Global Grant Project in Mombasa, Kenya

Engage Rotary - Change Lives

Engage Rotary – Change Lives

The 2013-14 District 7980 Global Grant Project in Mombasa, Kenya was introduced during the “Boots Programs” and at The Foundation Dinner last month.

It is an International ‘do good’ project which is designed to Engage Rotarians in the power of The Rotary Foundation while Changing Lives for 800 school children.

Every Club can Save and Change lives for 800 children in a neglected School in Mombasa, Kenya for an investment of $200, $500, $1000 – what ever they think is appropriate.  This school complex of 8 buildings  needs just about everything: Electric power to all buildings, a well pump and new water storage tank, new functioning toilets for students and staff, new roofs, desks, a library, a computer lab, cooking facilities, etc.  Motivate your club by participating in this District Wide Global Grant which focuses on Literacy, Water and Sanitation, and Economic and community development.

Project Files:

Visit the Global Grants Committee to Download and view a short power point presentation with photos and a project outline, to view the scope of the project or to  Download a Project flyer and Contribution Form to submit with your check.

Project Contacts:

PDG Rick Benson

PDG Rick Benson

Tari Marshall-Day

AG Tari Marshall-Day

Contact AG Tari Marshall Day or PDG Rick Benson for more information.

All clubs that participate in this important project will receive recognition points and they will receive periodic updates from both the host and international partners as the project progresses. A frienship exchange will be organized in 2014 to visit the school and possibly help with the renovation.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Governor’s project, nor the DRFC’s project where the clubs are asked to support a personal project – this is a Global Grant that any of the clubs in our District can participate in.

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