While the cat was away the contractors…slept

Victor giving the project house curb appeal by attending to the overdue fall cleanup

Victor giving the project house curb appeal by attending to the overdue fall cleanup

After 2 weeks away in sunny climates I came back to my project house being on track to be two weeks behind schedule.

The contractors gave themselves a little holiday while I was gone and only completed about 25% of their scheduled tasks.

I bet they are all pretty tired tonight as I pulled in the carpenter, the painters, the plumbers, the electricians, the window installers, the HVAC installers and the outside maintenance people. We had about 12 people buzzing around at one point. We made up 25% in one day. It will take another 3 – 4 days of this type of activity to get back on track but it is well worth torchuring them for their slippage.





Rotary Vancouver Trip

Jennifer and I traveled to Vancouver BC for a week of Rotary Training and Fellowship as we prepared for our year as District Governor. I attended 2 days of intense GETS training with 37 other DGEs from Zones 24 & 32 while Jennifer attended training specifically designed for DG partners. We caught up with old friends (this is Rotary isn’t it?) and made many new friends. Looking forward to IA in San Diego.

2 New Project Houses – 10 and 11 Lynette Drive, North Haven

We came to terms on two new project houses, across the street from each other, in North Haven in the past week. Both are great on the outside, very good structure, very dated interior. We need to update most of the inside. In 90 days or so after the closing these places will look great and be ready to rent. I will post additional pictures as the projects progresses.

North Haven Rotarians Take Plunge for Cancer Cure

Dr. Richard Bassett, who is presently the Rotary District 7980 Assistant District Governor and a past president of the North Haven Rotary Club, organized a small group of hearty souls to join him for his second annual plunge into icy water on January 1st in order to raise money to fight breast cancer. The Rotary club’s plunge on New Year’s Day is their alternative to the fundraiser held in the numbing waters off Lighthouse Point in New Haven which is earmarked for that local park. Since the insidious disease has impacted various members of the club, their common goal is to support the ongoing efforts to defeat it. Guy Casella, this year’s club president who participated in the chilly activity along with his son’s girl friend, Katie Moss, announced that the six member team has nearly reached its goal of $3,000, but pledges continue to come in, and donations are still being accepted. The other three brave champions for a cure included the organizer’s son, Adam Bassett, as well as Leo Cegelka, and Jonathan Martinek. A warm reception was held at the home of last year’s club president, Rick DiNorscia. Heather L. Stocking of the New Haven chapter of the ACS had told the club, “The American Cancer Society relies on donations like this to help fund our breast cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient services; and every dollar raised is a step closer to a cure.”Checks may be made out to the “North Haven Rotary Club,” or directly to the “American Cancer Society,” and mailed to NHRC Plunge, P.O. Box 202, North Haven, CT 06473. For further information on the cause, please go to www.cancer.org/fightbreastcancer

Text courtesy of David Marchesseault, Rotary PR Chairman / Photo by Jennifer Bassett