What’s more fun than a Rotary meeting? Two Rotary meetings at the same time.

The Cheshire Rotary Club and the Meriden Rotary Club got together on Thursday 12/19/13 at the Waverley Inn for a combined meeting of about 40 Rotarians, friends and family members.

Meriden President Cliff Carlson and Cheshire President Ellen McKinley gave inspirational greetings to attendees at the beginning of what turned out to be a fun filled evening complemented by raffles, great fellowship and fantastic bounty.

Both the Cheshire and Meriden Rotary Clubs are part of Assistant Governor Tari Marshall-Day‘s  area. Tari has been a catalyst in bringing her Clubs together, she has a joint Meriden-Wallingford meeting planned for January as well.

Official Visit # 36 – Cheshire Rotary Club inducts a new member

The Cheshire Connecticut Rotary Club added to their membership ranks last night by inducting Yan Lui as a new member. The Club currently has about 22 members; President Ellen McKinley has made membership and meeting vibrancy top goals of the club this year.

Cheshire CT, formerly a home town of mine, is an interesting historic town that was founded in 1780, occupies about 33 sq/miles and has a population of just under 30,000.

The Club is currently focused on one of their larger fundraisers; Their annual rose sale which is being run by Howard Baldwin. Send Howard an email if you wish to order Roses. Their other big annual fundraiser is a Pancake Breakfast. They are investigating options for a 3rd fundraiser as well.

The Cheshire Rotarians participate in many community activities and are known for recognizing The Fireman of the Year, generously providing scholarships, recognizing Unsung Heros and donating back to school supplies.

Program Chair Mary Rossi is always on the lookout for top notch speakers to enhance the quality of the weekly meetings. Please email her any info on interesting club speakers.

 The Cheshire Rotary Club meets at the Waverly Inn @ 286 Maple Avenue, Cheshire, CT  and rotates their meeting weekly between lunch & dinner to accommodate the demanding schedules of their members. It is a very nice place, with a welcoming group of Rotarians.