Amy Riggio speaks to Wilton Rotary on Builders Beyond Borders (B3)

Amy Schroeder-Riggio, Executive Director, from Builders Beyond Borders (B3) was the speaker at the Wilton Rotary Club this past Friday. Amy presented an excellent program on the important projects which B3 does and how it impacts the lives of young people.

B3 gives high school students opportunities to experience local and global community service through building projects in the U.S. and abroad.  They sponsor programs in Peru, Honduras, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Tobago, Chile, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica Nicaragua and Guyana.  Over 350 students from 25 area high schools are on teams which are sent with leaders to work on projects during school vacations.  B3 works closely with other social service agencies and Rotary clubs abroad.  Students need to fundraise 80% of the costs, B3 contributes 20%.  Many projects are for improving water supply, sanitation, better living conditions and constructing schools in developing countries.  Locally, they have established 40 community gardens.  10 students from Wilton High are involved.

If that last name  Riggio sounds familiar, and it should, it is worth pointing out that Amy is married to Westport Rotary President Tony Riggio who last March was written up in the Rotarian Magazine for his involvement in a B3 water project in Latin America <click here to read that story>.

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