Six Rotary Clubs gather in Old Saybrook tonight to support local and international causes

About 50 Rotarians from the Old Saybrook, Essex, Chester, Deep River, Mystic and  The Stoningtons Rotary Clubs met in Old Saybrook tonight to support the Estuary Council of Seniors. The Estuary is the meeting place of the Old Saybrook Rotary Club.

Estuary Board & Old Saybrook Rotary PresidentGerri Lewis introduced Paul Doyle, Executive Director Tri Club (Rotary Clubs of Essex, Deep River, and Chester) International Chairman Jeff Mehler presented the 2014 Projects & Goals and recognized the International Sponsors.

The international committee has sponsored humanitarian initiatives from Africa to the Caribbean and South America. The Nomad Foundation, supported by the Tri-Club Committee, provides everything from wells and clean water to maternal health care and solar technology in the landlocked West African country of Niger.

ShelterBox, another of the organizations that has received aid from the local Rotary, furnishes disaster victims throughout the world with large plastic containers with the basic physical necessities of life, from a sturdy tent to a cook stove and water purifying equipment.

Simply Smiles works to improve the lives of impoverished children in southern Mexico. At the moment, the local clubs are planning a mission trip to Mexico this summer to participate in the work of Simply Smiles.

The international committee has also involved itself in a number of programs that link the local communities to Haiti, which the United Nations Human Development Index has identified as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The local international committee is a supporter of Sister Cities Essex Haiti (SCEH), which is working to build a library in the Haitian village of Deschapelles. The Tri-Club Committee has pledged to provide 1,000 books in Kreyol, the French-based vernacular that is the most commonly spoken language in the country for the library. (text in blue: source: the day 02/20/2012)

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